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In view of the fact that there is no human intervention in online ordering it is of utmost importance that you read carefully the following terms of use before entering your details and/or placing your order.


General Ordering Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum browser requirements to order through our site: Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 2, Safari 4, or later versions with JavaScript activated;
  • Once the Order has been sent no change or cancellation can take place. The Order is to be interpreted as an irrevocable offer from the part of the customer;
  • The moment of conclusion of the sale is when the delivery occurs;
  • Coupon redemption can only be effected if coupons are marked valid for online ordering;
  • Domino’s representatives shall have absolute discretion to decide whether to honour any coupons, offers or deals;
  • Deducting ingredients does not change the price of the pizza;
  • Minimum order value for delivery is: EUR15
  • Presently, deliveries are being made only in the following areas: Mosta, H'Attard, Ta' Qali, Balzan, Naxxar, Lija, Iklin and Birkikara;
  • The delivery time is approximately 30 minutes. For online orders, please check the delivery time mentioned before the order is sent. For phone orders, please check the times that will be communicated to you before completing the order;
  • Our offers/deals do not cumulate with other offers/deals we already run.
  • We reserve the right to change the prices and ongoing offers without any prior notice;
  • Photos are for presentation purposes. The ones presented on the site may differ in some ways (colour, appearance etc.) from the images of the delivered products;
  • When ordering for the first time you may be contacted by phone for confirmation;
  • Domino’s cannot guarantee and bears no responsibility should dominos.com.mt fail to be accessible for whatever reason;
  • The crust we use for our pizza is Hand Tossed;
  • The Pizza sizes are as follows: Small-10 inch (6 slices), Standard-12 inch (8 slices) and Jumbo-15 inch (12 slices);
  • Payment methods: Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card and valid vouchers;
  • All of our prices are VAT inclusive.



System Average Delivery Time


The average delivery time displayed on the home page www.dominos.com.mt is a real-time calculation using an algorithm of the current store delivery times across all our stores. As this number is an average of the entire system delivery times, it may not represent the actual delivery time of your selected store. The specific store delivery time can be seen on the checkout page right before the online order is sent by the user.


Data Protection Policy


In order to meet your expectations and provide you with an efficient service, you will be required to submit your personal details during the ordering process. Domino’s representatives might need to make contact with you when delivering your order. It is therefore necessary that you write down your correct personal details upon logging in.


Domino’s only collects information which it believes to be relevant to the service it is asked to provide as well as for marketing and promotional purposes.


By proceeding to log in, you agree to give your consent to Domino’s to process your personal data.


Besides processing your personal data for the purpose of providing you with the best possible service, Domino’s will also process your personal data for commercial purposes.


In the event that you do not wish to have your personal data processed for any commercial purposes, you are kindly requested to send us an email on info@dominos.com.mt stating that “I DO NOT WISH TO TAKE PART IN YOUR PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN”.


At any time you can write us an email on info@dominos.com.mt requesting to be informed about what personal information Domino’s holds about you.


Domino’s will process all personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act, Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta.


Domino’s also has the right to disclose, the data that you provided through www.dominos.com.mt to third parties in such a way that your identity is not disclosed. Such disclosure is made for the purposes of obtaining statistical data and for research/marketing purposes.


When using and logging in to www.dominos.com.mt you unconditionally agree to these terms and conditions.


Cookies Policy

This policy explains how Domino's Pizza uses cookies. This policy explains how we use cookies when you visit our website (www.dominos.com.mt) and our mobile, tablet and other applications. By accessing, browsing and using our sites, you confirm that you accept this cookie policy and that you consent to our use of Cookies on your computer or smart device as set out in this cookie policy.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that store information on your browser when you access certain websites. Cookies allow us to recognise your device when you visit our site and they enable us to store certain information about your preferences, for example your local store. Cookies make it easier for you to maintain your preferences and help us customise the site to suit your preferences.

How can I prevent Cookies being used?

You can, should you choose to, disable the cookies from your browser and delete all cookies currently stored on your computer or smart device. You can find out how to do this for your particular browser by clicking "help" on your browser's menu. However, please be aware that should you choose to disable cookies from your browser it may prevent you from taking full advantage of our Site and some of our pages may fail to work properly which will greatly impact on your use and enjoyment of our site.

Use of Cookies by www.dominos.com.mt

We use cookies on our site. However, we do not collect or store personal data via the cookies used on our site. When someone visits one our sites we collect standard internet log information. We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to the various parts of our site. Cookies are not affecting the performance or the hardware of your device. We also use cookies for remarketing campaigns.

1st Party Cookies

A "first party" cookie is either set by Domino’s itself or by a tool using the Domino’s domain. For example, Domino’s uses Google Analytics first party cookies on your browser.

3rd Party Cookies

Third party cookies are cookies that have been written on to your browser or device by a website that is different from the website you are actually visiting (i.e. by a site other than Domino’s, in this case). Such cookies make marketing campaigns more effective.



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